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Homes with an Office

Many homeowners today are looking for a dedicated home office space. Whether it’s a home office with a separate entrance for seeing clients or whether it’s a room within the home that can provide necessary space and privacy for working, more people than ever are looking for ways to combine both home and work in a functional way.

While many homeowners used to have to hope for an extra bedroom or extra living room they could convert, today’s home designs offer dedicated home offices among many price ranges – without sacrificing bedroom or living space. Even better, instead of just four walls, many home offices are custom fitted with amenities that make working from home easier. These amenities can include cabinetry for storage and workspace, custom light fixtures, additional electrical and electronics outlets/connections, half bathrooms, custom backdrops or green screen walls for video recording, and even space for beverage and snack centers.

Whether you are looking for a simple area to work in quiet or you’d like all the bells and whistles of a professional space, we can help you find an Austin home with an ideal home office.

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