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Backyard and pool of a contemporary-style Austin home
Backyard and pool of a contemporary-style Austin home

Contemporary homes offer a range of stylistic designs that were created and popular from the second half of the 20th century to the current time, the style of the perpetual “now”. Often confused with modern design, which is a specific design style from the 1900s to the 1950s, contemporary homes are softened and rounded in comparison and blend design elements from many styles, depending on what is viewed as popular and functional at that time. One evolution of design that might characterize contemporary style is the transition from traditionally segmented rooms to open-flow, fluid, and more flexible layouts.

Contemporary homes predominantly feature neutral colors, such as white, off-white, and taupes, with a bold color often accenting the neutral tone. Design lines are clean, without the stylistic touches and adornment one might find, for example, in a Craftsman-style home. Textures such as brick, stone, or wood walls may be incorporated. Cabinets often are wood, and across various features in the home, there may be touches of stainless steel, nickel, chrome, and both frosted and clear glass. Home exteriors may be brick, stone, wood, or wood product-based.

Contemporary homes are customized to buyers’ preferences at the time of construction and will tap into popular trends. In recently constructed homes, these might include features such as outdoor living areas, ample natural lighting, ecofriendly or green features, “smart” features, flexible room space, upgraded kitchens and appliances, and attention to a central family or living area. Statement flooring or doors or other features designed to be noticed also are found in recent contemporary homes.

The difference between modern design and contemporary design can be confusing to most buyers so the best course of action is to describe to your Realtor® the kinds of features you most desire and then fine tune your description of styles as you proceed with your Austin home search.

In Austin, contemporary homes can be found in all parts of town, with large swaths of contemporary homes found in neighborhoods and subdivisions built in recent decades. The majority of suburban Austin homes will fall into the contemporary category, but a much smaller percentage will be both recent construction and contemporary, with the same being true of homes that are both luxury and contemporary.

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