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At Regent we lead by caring for others, building authentic relationships with those inside and outside of our industry, and by holding high standard for ourselves and our peers.   – Regent Property Group Founder Brian Talley

Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values

At Regent we are inspired by our guiding principles to be leaders within the industry by caring for others, building authentic relationships, and holding ourselves to the highest standard.

Regent's founder and managing broker, Brian Talley

Regent’s founder and managing broker, Brian Talley


Welcome from Broker Brian Talley:


This is Brian Talley, owner and broker of Regent Property Group. Did you know that the top 100 Realtors® in Austin, Texas are represented by 58 different firms or brokers? This demonstrates that success in real estate is not defined by brokerage alone. Top producers share many characteristics, but the unifying characteristic is that of leadership. And what does that mean? If you want to be successful, you must strive to be a leader. Being a leader is operating on a higher level, being intrinsically motivated, having a deep drive and a reason to succeed, and having a long-term perspective with goals and a plan to attain them. Leaders by definition operate in isolation, yet they find motivation by having a clear vision of realizing their goals. They have deep confidence in themselves, and they understand they are at their strongest when they are at their weakest. Leaders expect excellence from themselves and others. They do whatever it takes to gain a competitive edge ethically. They are bold and take measured risks.

At Regent Property Group, we avoid distractions and recruiting gimmicks that take away from “real” agent growth strategies. We focus on what really matters, such as building a great reputation, expanding our influence within the community, providing superior customer service, and providing our agents and customers with superior marketing resources. As a bonus, we have a polished brand, along with one of the best contact and contract management database tools available today. Our brokerage and our agents adhere to the highest standards.

If you want to make a brokerage change and are looking for a firm with a solid foundation to grow your sales over the coming years, then contact us at Regent Property Group today. The sooner you can get settled and focus on the actions you need to take to achieve your goals, the closer you will enjoy the fruits of your success.

Q&A with Broker Brian Talley

I’m Brian Talley with Regent Property Group. I’ve been selling real estate in Austin, Texas since 1998 when I started my real estate career working for a developer leasing commercial space. I quickly moved into corporate real estate where I sold and leased large commercial properties all over the country, including office, industrial, and land. I started Regent Property Group in 2007 at the beginning of the recession. 

Tell me about your background.

I came from a corporate and commercial real estate background where I sold and leased high value office and industrial properties around the country. I started Regent Property Group in 2007 and since that time have earned the Platinum Top 50 designation and have been named in the Austin Business Journal list of the top 25 residential real estate agents in Austin. 

Why did you start Regent?

I started Regent to have a positive influence of the lives of those around me, including my family and industry peers. 

Why did you go from selling commercial to residential?

The commercial real estate business was cut-throat and impersonal. I enjoy building relationships, and this was more practical in the residential business.

How is Regent Property Group different? 

We have our priorities right. We are focused on building relationships and doing a great job for people. Our mission is to care for people, live by the Golden Rule, be the best we can be in our trade, and provide excellent customer service. 

How is Brian Talley different? 

Most agents are not used to having someone with my level of experience just one phone call away. When I started Regent, I had to figure everything out on my own, and now that I’ve figured it out, I can share my knowledge and experience with my agents. I’m also a diligent communicator and know how important it is to get back to people. And I care about my agents like family. I’m a mentor to my agents, and I remind them I am just one phone call away. I do my best to set the pace and provide an example for how the team can be successful.

How is Regent Property Group different?

We set our focus on our core values. The first thing I did when starting Regent Property Group was to create our mission and vision. Regent’s mission is “To improve lives by caring for all people, living by the Golden Rule, being the best we can be in our trade, and by providing excellent customer service.” Our purpose is to “Improve lives by developing authentic and caring relationships with those around us and by helping our customers achieve their real estate sales and purchase goals.” When we live and work by our core values, we build trust with our customers, and that is the key to building relationships, which is critical to attaining business. A lot of brokerages are not focused on similar core values, and you can experience this when conducting business with them.

What do agents have to look forward to in working with you at Regent?

Agents that work with me have the opportunity to bring their business to the next level. We have the best CRM in the country with one of the best contract-to-close and commission tracking tools available. We provide leads to our agents but focus on helping them maximize their referral potential. We have team meetings in addition to one-on-one opportunities. Our agents also support and encourage one another. 

How does your experience stand out?

I’ve sold well over 200 homes all over the greater Austin area and I’ve been responsible for over 400 agent sales so I keep my finger on the pulse of the market. I have a deep knowledge of residential sales, having trained and managed a number of Realtors® over the last nine years. I’ve seen Realtors® succeed and fail. Over time you begin to see trends in the behavior of successful agents. That helps me as a leader in teaching, training, and motivating. It also helps me quickly see past any facade so I can really help them improve. 

Also, I worked in the real estate arm of a large Fortune 100 firm prior to starting Regent, where I leased 575,000 square feet and sold 37 acres of office and industrial properties and land. I worked with some of the best in the corporate real estate business. 

Other resources you provide at Regent that are worth noting?

We have excellent marketing resources, and we have a top-of-the-line online presence. We also have excellent commission splits.

On the Location

Our office is located in West Austin at 1250 S Capital of Texas Highway Bldg 3-400 near Westlake High School. While our West Austin address puts us in the center of the luxury home market in Austin, our agents are spread out all over the greater Austin. Our agents are able to work remotely because our business is run in the cloud for simple remote workflow and file management.

On Managing Your Business

After years of frustration, our owner and broker Brian Talley got fed up with poor customer relationship management solutions and built a custom solution of his own on the platform. As an Austin Business Journal top 25 producer in Austin, Brian used his hands-on transaction experience to create the most productive and efficient tool possible that you have to see to believe.  Not only do Regent agents manage their database with our progressive CRM solution, they are able to track their buyer and seller opportunities, listings, contracts, critical dates (directly to your calendar), and commissions as well.  The system provides listing and contract-to-close process and document checklists online to ensure they don’t miss a detail on any transaction.  As a result our customer service results are some of the best in the business. To top it off, the system is fully customizable for continuous enhancements unlike most real estate CRM systems available on the market today.  If you are serious about having the best tools available in the country to manage your real estate business then be sure to get a demo of Regent’s custom CRM solution and find out what you are missing.

On Being Discovered

A Regent PG marketing flyer advertising a listing

A Regent PG marketing flyer advertising a listing

At Regent Property Group, we focus on marketing so you can focus on taking the best care of your clients and business. We start by providing our agents free use of our signage on their listings.  Next, we have created professional and custom flyers, post cards, and brochures for use by our team members.  To top it off we send a professionally created monthly e-newsletter to our agent databases, which shows to be sent by the agent themselves.  Our broker is no stranger to bread-and-butter marketing techniques himself from canvassing neighborhoods to calling expired or withdrawn listings.  At Regent we take a bread-and-butter approach to building relationships and customers for life.

Regent Property Group has an active technological system in place to create new business opportunities for its agents. In 2014, we re-launched the property search as one of the most robust in the city. Its marriage of a neighborhood guide, property search, and full-screen display offers the consumer a top-notch one of a kind property search experience found nowhere else in the country.   

“With what is being heralded as the preeminent Austin home search website in the city, Talley said, ‘The choice is clear: when you are interested in buying, selling, or investing in Austin real estate, you choose the best team with the best technology, and that is Regent Property Group. Austin’s real estate market is a leader in this country, and we’ve set the standard.’”

On The News

Regent Property Group has been featured in hundreds of news outlets, including numerous appearances in the Austin American-Statesman and on local television outlets, and has an active blogging, social media, and marketing presence – all that are leveraged to maximize impact for our agents. These factors lead to more people finding and our agents.

Quotes have appeared in The Houston Chronicle, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, CBS Money Watch, and over 100 other nationwide publications:

Talley even has been cited by REALTORMag (official magazine of National Association of REALTORS®) as an expert on online lead generation. Read here: Does it Pay to Buy Online Leads?

On the Money

At Regent Property Group, we have competitive commission splits and a profit sharing system.

On Our Clientele

At Regent Property Group, we help buyers and sellers throughout Austin and even from around the world. We support homebuyers and sellers of all price ranges including luxury home buyers and seller.

Regent's founder and managing broker, Brian Talley

Regent’s founder and managing broker, Brian Talley

On Regent’s Beginning

While Vice President of Global Real Estate and Facilities at a Fortune 100 firm, Brian Talley noticed a lack of experienced, trained commercial real estate executives serving the residential real estate community. He recognized that if he created a residential brokerage founded on corporate real estate principles and joined those principles with technological advancements and personal care, he could fill that need in a valuable, unparalleled way. And, so he did! Today, Regent Property Group is a thriving residential brokerage known for its high ethical standards, top rate production, cooperative environment, and technologically savvy approach.

Read “Residential Real Estate for the 21st Century Entrepreneur” by founder Brian Talley to learn more about Regent’s real estate philosophy.

On Being Knowledgeable

We believe that in order to represent our clients fully, our agents must stay on top of the latest real estate trends and statistics. Each month, we publish an Austin Real Estate Statistics Update that is considered a premier authority in the Austin real estate industry. We also encourage active and ongoing training and have a supportive, knowledgeable broker and team members.

On Our Agents

The Regent team volunteering in the community

The Regent team volunteering in the community

We like our group to be inclusive of the best REALTORS® in town. What is the best? Well, we do consider your sales history, but equally, if not more important, are your character, your communication skills, and your desire to improve yourself as a person and as a REALTOR®.  Our agents are individually unique but our common element is that we believe in taking an ethical approach to the business and work to provide the highest level of customer service.

We hold high standards at Regent, but for the agents who are part of our team, being the best version of themselves comes naturally. Does this sound like you? If so, reach out to us today at to discover more about the experience of being a valued member of the Regent Property Group team! Or schedule a friendly chat with Brian directly at 512.215-0565.