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Austin Homes with Guest Houses

A detached guest house with deck and garden
A detached guest house with deck and garden

Guest homes, guest cottages, and separate guest quarters can provide Austin-area homeowners a range of living options and the flexibility to maximize their homesteads for their particular needs. While many homes offer a guest room, it is less common to have this room or these quarters separate from the main house. Thankfully, the Austin area does offer a selection of homes and estates with guest quarters. Often, these houses are within the luxury home segment and offer many beautiful and functional arrangements for homebuyers.

Why Consider a Guest House or Separate Guest Accommodations?

austin homes with guest houses

Parents or In-laws: Whether your parents or in-laws are transitioning to living with you permanently or whether they simply like to stay for extended visits, guest quarters provide them privacy and a sense of independence, while still maintaining their proximity to the main home.

Older kids/kids in college: Perhaps your college student prefers a more private space than a dorm room or sharing an apartment with roommates. Or, perhaps you prefer letting an older teen try semi-independence. What about post-college kids who could use the stability of a home base? Sometimes coming home is a good thing for both kids and parents, and separate but close guest quarters can be a great way to fulfill the needs of both the parents and the child.

Live-in Nanny, Housekeeper, Groundskeeper, or Assistant: You might like the simple perk of having help nearby, or you might be able to benefit financially from providing a residence as part of a compensation package. Either way, having assistance on-hand when needed is extremely valuable, and many employees will see an included residence as a welcome opportunity.

Separate office: Do you have a career where a home office is a necessity, but you would rather have an entirely separate space, whether for clients or for your own privacy? Many guest quarters can be converted easily into offices and will have the kitchen and restroom features that make a space self-sufficient.

Traveling Clients: If you frequently entertain internationally or nationally traveling clients or business associates, having a readily available space that provides separate yet nearby accommodations can help smooth any of the normal potential challenges that can arise with business travel. Additionally, clients and associates likely will appreciate the perk that was provided for their comfort.

Extended Visits: Family and friends like to come and stay awhile over the holidays? What about those long, summer visits? Guest quarters are an ideal solution for both your guests and yourself.

Entourage: Perhaps wherever you go, so goes your entourage. Maintain your privacy by offering them an area of their own – so that you can be the genius or creative or business superstar you are.

Buying an Austin Home with a Guest House

Obviously, homes that offer an additional guest house or guest cottage will be priced on the higher end of the spectrum, although many of these costs can be offset by the benefits. Homes with guest houses can be in many areas around Austin so look to the search results on this page to begin your search, and then discuss your hopes with your Regent Property Group Realtor®.

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