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An Austin greenbelt waterfall
An Austin greenbelt waterfall

While many living in or moving to Austin are familiar with the Barton Creek Greenbelt, Austin actually offers numerous greenbelt areas that can provide scenery, privacy, and natural surroundings for homes. These greenbelt areas are spread throughout Austin and the Central Texas area, and even “typical” neighborhoods often will have at least several homes or streets that back to greenbelt areas. The most expansive greenbelt opportunities will be found away from the hustle and bustle of Austin proper, and due to Colorado River topography, are found primarily on the western side of town.

For those interested specifically in the Barton Creek greenbelt, this expanse runs along Capital of Texas Highway (Loop 360) on the west side of Austin and also parallels MoPac (Loop 1) up to about Zilker Park. Numerous access points provide options for hiking, running, enjoying Barton Creek, and more. The Violet Crown Trail also connects multiple areas of the greenbelt from south Austin to central Austin, making it ideal for bikers.

Pockets of greenbelt areas mainly will be found along and west of MoPac and in regions along Lake Austin and Lake Travis, both of which are sections of the Colorado River. The RM 2222 and Capital of Texas Highway (Loop 360) corridors in northwest Austin offer ample homes that back to or have views of greenbelt, while Westlake, the Hamilton Pool area, and southwest Austin out toward Dripping Springs offer similar options in the southern part of town. Moving west from Austin central, more and more options generally are available for greenbelt view or greenbelt access homes, extending out to the suburbs and to lakeside communities such as Lakeway.

Because there is such a wide range of locations for greenbelt homes, these homes can be found in most price ranges, although generally there is a premium for greenbelt lots that will skew homes to the median price and above. There also can be a significant price difference between homes that simply back to a small greenbelt area and homes that overlook large swaths of protected acreage. Adding in a lake or canyon view also significantly increases the price point.

One detail that always should be verified when considering a greenbelt home is the legal status of the land that is considered greenbelt. Will it remain that way? Can it be developed? These are important legal questions to address and verify with your Realtor® to make sure you are clear on the possibilities for the land and to be sure you understand potential future development.

Whether looking for greenbelt to enhance the privacy of your home or to enjoy expansive views, an Austin Realtor® is the best guide for locating these properties.

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