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Gate to a private Central Texas ranch road
Gate to a private Central Texas ranch road

While Austin is known as a bustling, urban city, there are actually many farms and ranches in the surrounding areas. Whether you’ll be commuting into town or want to live a rural lifestyle full time, there are options in all directions from Austin that can provide country living near city conveniences and amenities.

Farms are used primarily for agriculture and/or for some other form of plant- or animal-based production. Ranches technically are a type of farm that is more targeted in production, usually focused on animals, the most common of which in Texas is a cattle ranch. Of course, many buyers have a main purpose of buying a large piece of land simply for the additional land.

Some farm and ranch properties qualify for a Texas Agricultural Exemption, which is an appraisal value that can lower property taxes based on the use of the land and its level of production. There are specific state and county restrictions that apply in order to qualify, but this is an important potential benefit to consider when looking at acreage for farms and ranches.

You’ll also want to consider whether you want acreage with an already built home or whether you are looking for land and then to build your own home.

Whether you want to start a lavender farm, a pick-your-own-peaches orchard, to grow and sell cattle, or simply to have space to roam, we can help you find an Austin farm and ranch property to reach your goal.

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