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Why We Love Austin (And why the world does, too!)

published on October 10, 2011

So you claim to love Austin? Can’t imagine living anywhere else? We bet there are a few things about Austin you don’t know on this list, Reasons to Move to Austin, Texas NOW! We look at economy, jobs, business, culture, nature, family, shopping, art, and health.

For example:

Did you know Austin is considered to have the best housing market? And that it’s #1 in the U.S. and #26 in the world for jobs and income growth during the economic recovery? Or that Austin is recognized as a great place for foodies and vegetarians?

Bet you’re glad to know Austin is the least stressful city! And it’s even great to be a dog, here in Austin, Texas!

Kiplinger named Austin the #1 Best City for the Next Decade … discover why!

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