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Waterloo Park Closed for New Waller Creek Project

published on November 2, 2011

Waterloo Park, one of the most visited parks in Central Austin, closed starting November 1, 2011 until Fall 2014. The City of Austin will be constructing an underground tunnel to help control flooding and erosion in the Waller Creek area of Central Austin, starting with a pumping system in Waterloo Park. The tunnel will end at a small lagoon on Lady Bird Lake where there will also be construction of a new boat ramp and steam bank restoration. Waterloo Park is a high point of Waller Creek, which is the reason it has been chosen as the place to building the pumping system.

The pump system of the Waller Creek Tunnel Project will redirect water from Lady Bird Lake and Lake Austin during dry periods to keep the ecology of the creek consistent and to protect wildlife. The underground tunnel also will redirect flood waters in an effort to keep downtown and parts of I-35 from closure during times of flooding.

Once the project is completed and the flooding is reduced, future plans include restoring the original creek and cleaning up the Lady Bird Lake area, UT campus area, and East Austin areas. The clean-up will include creating new bike paths and sidewalks in an effort to create a more vibrant downtown area as well as revamp the accessibility of downtown.

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