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Thrice Café – Local Business, Local Produce

published on September 15, 2011

Situated in a relaxed South Austin neighborhood, Thrice Café offers a great way to “go local,” whether meeting friends or getting a little work done. The Café is known among Austinites for its diverse menu made in the kitchen with ingredients from local farmers. Along with this local flair is an inviting interior: Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the restaurant with natural light, adding to the cozy environment.

“The only thing we don’t make here is bagels,” said Jam Sanitchat, co-owner of Thrice Café.  “We make everything else in the kitchen and use only local produce.”

Before opening Thrice, Sanitchat had booths at the Sunset Valley Farmers’ Market in Southwest Austin and at the Farmers’ Markets Downtown. When her other restaurant, Thai Fresh, and later Thrice were opened, Sanitchat brought along her connections from the farmers’ markets.

“We buy from the farmers in bulk at the peak of the season and use until we run out, then change to whatever is in season.” Sanitchat said. “For example, lemons are coming into season so you may see more lemon bars at Thrice. Next, there will be things like sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie. We switch according to what we see at the market.”

Local, organic treats are not the only items offered at Thrice. The café also serves beer, wine, and has a full espresso menu as well. Sanitchat keeps even the beer menu local, offering various beers made in Austin.

“All the beer on tap is local except for Lonestar, which is still locally made,” Sanitchat said. “The rest is all Austin beer on tap.”

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