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South Austin Nabs Austin’s First Permanent Solar Charging Station

published on August 22, 2011

If you’re an Austinite who knows the joys of living in South Austin: the laid back vibe, the diverse independent businesses, and the variety of green space, then you can understand why the first permanent solar charging station in the city is now at the South First Food Court. The solar pump allows people to charge their electric bikes, scooters, cell phones, laptops, and media players for free, thanks to the local nonprofit Sol Lab Design, whose mission is “to create interactive and inspiring solutions for urban sustainability, public art, and design.”

The pump, situated in 78704 at the corner of South First and West Live Oak, was created from a 1950s gas pump and retrofitted with solar panels that provide the energy to charge electronics with a standard 110 volt outlet. Originally appearing at the SXSW music festival in downtown Austin, the pump is now a permanent figure, a monument to Austin’s eco-friendliness and support of small businesses. Paid for by the Austin Independent Business Alliance, the City of Austin Small Business Development Program, South by Southwest, and Austin Energy, it also includes some great tidbits about supporting local businesses and about how the charging station works. Austin is one of only three cities in the nation with these permanent stations, joining San Francisco and Amherst, Massachusetts.

So, next time you’re out and about and find yourself running out of juice in your important devices or your eco-friendly transportation, stop by the pump for a charge – and grab a bite to eat, while you’re at it!

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