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Out-of-state Client Testimonial for Central Austin Home

published on August 29, 2011

Central Austin Property

From Cindy and Mike Schwartz:

My husband and I currently live in the Chicago area and our daughter has just completed her first year at UT in Austin. I first discovered Brian Talley and Regent Property Group by visiting their website. We wanted to purchase property in Texas to establish in-state residency for our daughter in order to save on UT tuition, as in-state tuition is significantly less than out-of-state tuition. Initially we considered purchasing lakefront property and spent a full weekend with Brian looking at several properties. Brian set us up with Regent’s very helpful personalized property search website and he provided us with all the information available about any property that we were inquiring about.

Several months into our search we discovered that our daughter was going to need a place to live for her remaining years at UT. This caused us to totally switch gears from looking at lakefront property to something on/near campus for our daughter and two roommates. Brian and Lionel were amazing when it came to this sudden change in our property search. In fact, when I inquired about several condos and before I could arrange another visit, they spent a day touring the condos and provided me with a narrated virtual tour of each one. This was so helpful and talk about ABOVE AND BEYOND!

Brian and Lionel truly showed a genuine concern about finding the right condo for our daughter and her roommates. As you can imagine, each of the girls had their own ideas as to the ideal condo they would like to live in (even though ultimately it was our decision). Brian and Lionel were always attentive to their needs yet very professional when addressing their concerns and ours. Location was our #1 concern and then, of course resale.

Brian and Lionel were always available for us from start to finish, they returned calls/e-mails in a timely manner, and made the "long distance" process so doable. We couldn’t be more pleased with our entire experience or with our purchase.

Thanks Brian and Lionel!

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