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New to the ATX? Enjoy this “Old Timer’s” Guide to Austin, Texas

published on May 31, 2013

Austin sign, new to AustinAre you a “new native” to Austin, Texas? There might be a few things about our way of life that are confusing. (Ok, more than a few!) But, have no fear; Regent is here! We found Independence Title’s Austin Old Timer’s Guide to Bein’ from Here so entertaining that we want to share it with you.

Here are a few of our favorite parts, to help you get Austin-savvy in no time!

1. “All directions start with ‘Go down MoPac … ’cause you don’t want to get on I-35.’” (We know you’ve heard that one before!) But, did you know? Mo-Pac is named for the Missouri Pacific Railroad that runs alongside it. Have a home in Great Hills? MoPac will take you all the way down to that “way south” (not really) friend who has a house in Circle C!

2. “Manchaca is pronounced MAN-shack (just like a man living in a shack). Also realize that the city of Manchaca (MANshack) is in Hays and Travis Counties, and there is also a very long street in Austin named Manchaca (MANshack).” We don’t know about this one – as we call it MAN-chack – but nonetheless, say Man-CHA-ca and people will tilt their heads, look at you funny, and know you’re not a local!

3. “Burnet Road is pronounced BURN-it, not Bur-NET. Koenig Lane is pronounced KAY-nig not KOE-nig. And, for Pete’s sake, DON’T pronounce the ‘E’ at the end of Guadalupe. It’s GWA-da-loop and we like it that way.” Agreed.

4. “Early names for Austin include ‘Waterloo’ and ‘City of the Violet Crown.’” (We love the Violet Crown references here at Regent.) “Waterloo was a small town located where Shoal Creek meets the Colorado River. ‘City of the Violet Crown’ refers to Austin as described in an O. Henry short story. The phrase is said to refer to the hills around the city that turn purple at sunset (on non-ozone-action days).” Oh, so pretty!

5. Heading to a house party in Senna Hills? Hold up there, fella, before you hit the road in that cowboy getup. “Western wear in Austin is a tricky concept, best left for the advanced course in Bein’ From Here. If you dare to chance it and wear a cowboy hat, be sure to put on your boots. A cowboy hat with tennis shoes will get you voted off the island.”

Thanks to Independence Title for this funny Austin guide! Read more in the link up top! When in doubt, just remember MoPac is Loop 1. Capital of Texas Hwy is Loop 360. U.S. 183 is Research Blvd. …

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