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Kerbey Lane Café South Moves to New Location

published on March 6, 2012

kerbey lane south lamarKerbey Lane Café has been serving afternoon brunch-goers, post-concert queso munchers, and general diner-food eaters since 1980. The original Kerbey Lance Café, located in Central Austin, has served its patrons with smiles and smart quips, making it a beloved spot for families, visitors, and all Austinites. There are now five locations serving Austin, including Central, South, Southwest, UT area, and Northwest Austin. The South Austin Location recently moved to a new location not far from the original Kerbey Lane South, on South Lamar.

“We are sad to leave our old home,” said David Ayer, owner/founder of Kerbey Lane. “But we look forward to developing this new space in a manner that is of, from, and for this part of Austin that has supported and sustained us for many years.”

The original South location opened in 1986 and spent a wonderful 25 years there. Kerbey Lane South customers were sad to see the popular restaurant leave its original South location due to the atmosphere surrounding it.

kerbey lane queso“The new location is pretty cool,” said Emily Pellerin, a South Austin resident, “but it will never be like the old location.”

The new location features a larger parking lot, a welcome change for Kerbey Lane patrons. Most regulars will not miss the small parking spaces and the impossibility of finding a spot during rush hours. The new location also features a patio, which provides more seating and, in turn, provides less wait time for customers.

All Kerbey Lane Café locations are staffed by local “weirdos” and are open 24 hours.

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