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Jack & Jim

published on October 5, 2011

We all know who Jack Daniels is. Old Number 7 has touched the lips of rock history greats, including Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin, Keith Richards, and many others. Who is Jim Marshall? He is the photographer who documented that Jack Daniels consumption and so much more.

Jack Daniels and the Jim Marshall estate have put together a collection of some of the most famous photos in music history and are displaying them at Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater Gallery. The photos on display at the “Jack & Jim” Gallery at Moody Theater in Downtown Austin are candid photos and stage shots, including Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar, The Beatles leaving the stage after what would be their last show, and the famous photo of Johnny Cash flipping the bird at San Quentin.

“Working with Jim was crazy,” said Amelia Davis, Marshall’s assistant for the last thirteen years and the proprietor of his collection of photos. “The reason he got the access he did was because the musicians trusted him and they knew that he would never publish anything that was compromising. He spent his life building his trust with those musicians and taking care of his friends.”

The photos in the gallery are posters, album covers, stickers, and buttons. Seeing the original photos in person is like witnessing rock history in real time. “Austin City Limits is the perfect venue because it’s not just rock n roll,” Davis said. “It’s a live music place for up and coming artists to play their music. It’s just a perfect fit for Jim because for him, it was about the music and about the person, and Austin City Limits is just the right fit. If you’re going to be in Austin before 2014, make the “Jack & Jim” Gallery tour a priority on your to-do list. The photos are an amazing piece of history.

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