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For the Love of Wine: Austin Homes with Personal Wine Cellars

published on February 18, 2014

austin homes wine cellarsImagine waking up in Austin without a clue of your whereabouts. You would see palm trees, rolling hills, and mansions and perhaps conclude, “I’m in California.” The rocky, cliff-like terrain and winding roads might whisper, “Italy.” Or, the thick red, white, and blue stripes of the Lone Star State’s flag, blowing near a lavender field, could fool you into thinking “je suis en France!” But, finally, a Texan accent would chime in, and you’d know your original guesses were off by many miles.

However different Austin is from California, Italy, and France, they all have one thing in common: wine. Austin’s rocky terrain and sun-bathed hills create an ideal viticulture environment, and the central Texas hill country has plenty of wineries to show for it. Luckily, select luxury homes in Austin flaunt wine cellars for collecting favorites and aging vintages.

In popular culture, wine cellars carry an air of romance and mystery—dark, hidden passages store bottles awaiting re-discovery. And with some searching and some dusting, the fortunate cellar-explorer will emerge with an ancient treasure: glassed ruby liquid, aged to perfection. In reality, wine cellars may not be secretive, dusty, or as dark, but the romance and the mystery still ring true.   

houses wine austinPersonal wine cellars enhance the relationship between wine lovers and their favorite beverage by allowing it to grow. Storage space makes it possible to purchase wine in bulk (cutting cost) and allows you to experience immediate as well as long-term gratification. In the case of certain wines, “long-term gratification” may translate to multiple years, as a bottle’s value flourishes with age. And, as with any collection, variety equals excitement when it comes to wine. A cellar helps give breadth and organization to a wine selection by allowing you to intermingle new wines with the old in a deliberate, systematic way. Elegant, yet functional shelves keep bottles safe and sorted while also providing a means of display. In your cellar, you become the wine museum curator.

Regent Property Group can land you an Austin home with a wine cellar – see below for active listings – but you don’t have to limit your actual wine selection to Central Texas. Preserve the essence of France, Italy, California, or, of course, our very own hill country, within rows of burgundy time capsules. When the moment comes to uncork a bottle, enjoy it while admiring the water view from a Lake Austin home, but don’t be afraid to momentarily forget where in the world you really are.


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