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Feng Shui for Waterfront Homes

published on January 9, 2012

Waterfront property is the dream of many, and a reality for any Austinite with an Austin luxury home situated alongside Town Lake, Lake Austin, or Lake Travis. It can be difficult to improve on something as potentially perfect as a waterfront home, but a few nods to the centuries-old art of Feng Shui invite the possibility of bringing even more balance and harmony into an already peaceful retreat.

Water, in Feng Shui, embodies emotions, spirituality, and fresh changes. Having the water element in balance in and around a home can bring about feelings of insightfulness, wisdom, and inspiration. When the scales tip and too much of the water element is present, though, a homeowner can be left feeling as though they are drowning in emotions, overwhelmed, or over extended. Despite the abundance of water provided by a lake view home, the elements of nature can always be brought into balance with a few tweaks and changes.

“One of the things that people get lost on with Feng Shui is being more worried about what color the cushions are on the sofa or where a tchotchke is placed,” said Feng Shui consultant and expert Kathryn Weber. “What is a bigger play on the home is the environment. Feng Shui works from the outside in, and the environment is a key factor. One thing to look for in a home is a beautiful, auspicious environment. Water is one of the most auspicious elements so a home with water views and water around them commands higher prices, which makes sense in Feng Shui because water is synonymous with wealth.”

To enhance the natural beauty and positive energy of waterfront property, consider balancing the water element with examples of the other Feng Shui elements inside or around the home: wood, fire, earth, and metal. Wood elements should reflect the natural formations of trees and plants. Including a garden, cotton fabrics, or wooden furniture can be an easy balancer to water. Fire encourages boldness and inspiration, a contrast to water’s sense of peacefulness and intuition. Bringing fire into a home can be as simple as incorporating candles, shades of red or purple, and allowing lots of sunlight to flow through the windows. The earth element is a grounding presence, a contrast to the flow and movement of water. Utilizing clay pots for flowers, earth tones, or rectangular shapes can help bring this element into a home. Metal’s sheen is reflected through focus and analytical abilities and can be mixed into a home’s design or décor through metal objects, gray and silver tones, or round shapes.

A waterfront luxury home can be a delight to homeowners, offering spectacular views and play-time just a few steps off the back porch. If you’re interested in an Austin waterfront home, contact an Austin REALTOR® to begin a new Austin home search

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