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“Date Night” in West Austin

published on February 11, 2012

West Austin is known predominately for its neighborhoods and well-established communities like Davenport Ranch and Barton Creek West. The west side of town is peppered with charming bistros, ice cream shops, and unique activities that can make any West Austin date night a success.



Cipollina is a neighborhood bistro in the heart of Old West Austin. Founded in 1999 by the owners of nearby Jeffrey’s, Cipollina was revamped in 2010 into a full service restaurant with a seasonal menu by Chef Daniel Hunt. Bring a date for dinner and charm them with Cipollina’s Mediterranean-inspired, locally-sourced food. 


Zoot offers a bistro atmosphere with an eclectic menu designed to engage the senses in a way that connects the act of cooking and serving to the joy of eating. The staff is known for its depth of knowledge about the food and the wines that will work best with each dish. The care that goes into every dish comes out through the flavors of the food.


chez zee, austin restaurantsChee Zee

Chee Zee is a full service restaurant, but their dessert menu is so lengthy and famous that a sweet treat alone is reason enough to bring a date and relax over coffee, board games, and cakes. Locally-sourced ingredients made onsite by pastry chefs add freshness to every dish, and a vast wine selection completes the trifecta of romance and taste. Dessert options include a chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake, mocha fudge torte, carrot cake, coconut cream pie, apple pie, crème brulee, and more.

amy's ice cream, austin ice creamAmy’s Ice Cream

Amy’s Ice Cream has been a local favorite since 1984, offering over 300 flavors of ice cream and fruit ices. The flavors rotate, but customers can customize every ice cream by adding “Crush’ns,” or various candies and treats that can be mixed into the ice cream before it is served. Amy’s is found in several locations throughout Austin but has a popular store in the Arboretum.


Mt. Bonnell

Mt. Bonnell offers couples a chance for a romantic hike, where together they can enjoy a picnic and sunset at the top. The panoramic view on top of Mt. Bonnell showcases Downtown Austin, Lake Austin, and the Loop 360 bridge.

austin wine bars, austin wine, austin wineryWater 2 Wine

Water 2 Wine is an actual winery, where all wines are fermented on site. With access to more than 100 wines from 13 countries and everything open for tasting, your taste buds can travel around the world without ever leaving the winery! Guests can enjoy wines by the glass, by the bottle, or can become a vintner and create their own batch of wine complete with custom labels. All of the wines are significantly lower in sulfites and other chemicals than store-bought varieties, meaning they can be enjoyed without the side effects that sometimes accompany wine.

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