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Client Testimonial for West Austin Home Sale in Ridge at Lantana

published on January 6, 2012

West Austin

From Aaron and Monica Martin:

In late 2008, with the recession times getting worse, I attempted to sell my home. It was the first time selling a home, and I had no real experience, so I hired a REALTOR® . I quickly learned that a house doesn’t sell itself—but it requires effort, which that REALTOR® wasn’t putting in, so I took the house off the market.

Later, after interviewing several REALTORS® , I quickly realized that none of them really had much interest in actually working to sell my property, but life was still good, I was still employed, so there was no urgency.

In early 2009, right smack in the middle of the recession, I transitioned jobs from Texas to Florida and was forced back into the position of having to sell my home, and I was deathly afraid I would be making double payments for at least 6-9 months.

My wife and I had met Brian Talley of Regent Property Group LLC at our local HOA meeting, and had spoken several times after that about the various services he provided that were unique. Being a ‘techie’ myself, I was particularly interested in the computer generated reports and tracking—real time feedback about my property.

Brian Talley’s computer generated information allowed me to really see how my property was doing in respect to those properties around my area, and allowed me to make highly informed decisions in my selling process, and achieve realistic expectation from potential buyers.

My home sold in less than 60 days, partly because of the technology that allowed me to make the right decisions at the right time, but also because of the hard effort Brian Talley put into advertising, marketing, and consistent open-houses.

I cannot stress enough how impressed I was with the services Brian provided. I personally would use Brian Talley again in the future, and highly recommend him.

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