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Client Testimonial for North Austin Home Purchase

published on January 6, 2012

North Austin

From Rosanna Sutherland:

Brian was recommended to me by a previous client. It takes great patience to be a realtor and even more if you are successful at it. No doubt, I pushed Brian’s patience more than once, but he hung in there with me, was always gracious and kept me on the path to finding the right house. On, what I suspect is a typical world wind, let’s get to know a city in 3 days or less and find the home of your dreams, we almost succeeded. I found a home I loved, he drafted the contract, we met at the house and I realized I just hated the traffic noise. I never felt pressure to close the deal, he truly wants you to buy the right house. He also kept me from buying an absolute money pit, unique as it was, it would always be a serious work in progress. I finally put a house under contract and just 2 weeks before closing, I found out my insurance company would not insure it. Brian quickly referred a company to me and within a few short days, I was able to secure the homeowners insurance at a very good rate and closed on time. He has also directed me to some terrific people along the way for my mortgage, inspection & insurance. No doubt, I will want to move again in another few years and will reconnect with Brian when I want to start this process all over again.

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