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Client Testimonial for Central Austin Condo Purchase

published on October 15, 2011

Central Austin

From Jeff & Diana Stegner:

My husband and I decided about one year ago to begin our internet search for a condo in the downtown Austin area. We are expatriates and want to return to Texas in the near future. We began a broad search using several realtor’s websites and spent many hours to understand the current status of the downtown Austin condo market. Over the course of several months, we began to rely on Brian’s "property search" feature which brought new and changed listings to us via e-mail. As the time approached that I planned my Austin trip, my husband and I decided that we would be comfortable working with Brian. Brian had shown us that he was knowledgable, up to date and accurate about the downtown Austin market. Our decision to work with Brian proved to be an excellent decision. By the time I left Austin, my husband and I were well on our way to signing a contract for a condo in the downtown area. Buying a condo long distance can be a challenge, but Brian exceeded our expectations. With the support of his staff, particularly Lionel Laday, the process flowed smoothly. Brian was thorough, accurate and timely; he understood the entire process of buying a condo and brought us through the closing without any difficulties. Today we are happy owners of our downtown Austin condo; we highly recommend the use of Brian’s services, and we will use him again.

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