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Circle C Swimming Clubs in Austin

published on August 19, 2011

In a city as hot as Austin, who wouldn’t want to go swimming? That’s certainly what the kids on the Circle C swim teams think! Circle C Swimming is an important tradition to homeowners in Circle C Ranch, and they have established two well-respected swim teams over the years – the Circle C Select Team and the Circle C Seals Team.

The teams are supported by the Circle C HOA and parent volunteers who make sure the swim center runs smoothly. The Parents’ Booster Club is the backbone of the swim teams as it is the main source of their income. It allows the swim center to stay in operation and supports the swimmers’ travel to meets outside of Austin.

As one of Austin’s most prestigious swim clubs, it is necessary for each swimmer to participate in an initial try-out so that the swimmer may be placed in the proper skill level team. Circle C swimming is not just for Circle C Ranch residents, and the Circle C Swim Center encourages all area kids to join. It’s especially convenient for those in Southwest Austin. “We do allow non-residents to join our teams so the issue of living in Circle C has not been a problem for our swimmers,” said Brandon Ducote, the Aquatics Director of the Circle C Swim Center. 

Not only do the swim teams give Austin little ones something to do in the summer, they also provide a point of interest for middle-school and high-school age kids. The Circle C Select Team is starting its fourth season in Fall 2011 and is looking forward to new swimmers. “This past year we have had three swimmers get scholarships to colleges for swimming,” Ducote said. 

With the help of the Circle C swim coaches and staff, there are sure to be many more.

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