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Ballet Austin Continues Tradition of Classic Nutcracker Ballet

published on November 30, 2011

The Nutcracker will open its 49th year at Ballet Austin on Saturday, December 3rd, for 11 performances that will invoke the magic of the holiday season and exhibit the beauty and culture to be found in one of many iconic institutions of Downtown Austin. The ballet is associated with Christmas, but its story of defending the defenseless and the power of the imagination transcend time and boundaries, making it a classic part of both the Ballet and the holiday tradition.

Adults may remember school trips to theatres filled with classmates excited to spend the afternoon in the fancy velvet red chairs of a performance hall, or may recall performing on stage in a full-bellied mouse or glittering angel costume with the children’s troupes. Tchaikovsky’s orchestration alone is enough to light up memories and the thrill of the season in both adults and children. The season will last through the month of December, so whether you live as far north as Steiner Ranch or as far south as Villages at Western Oaks, there are plenty of performances available to meet every schedule’s demands.

The Austin Symphony Orchestra will accompany the dancers of Ballet Austin as they tell the story of Clara and her beloved Nutcracker Prince, whom she nurses back to health after her naughty brother Fritz breaks the Nutcracker’s jaw at a Christmas Eve family party. The prince comes to life and takes Clara on a journey through her dreams, introducing her to dancing snowflakes, twirling treats, and the beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy.

Over 200 dancers, choreographed by Stephen Mills, will help bring The Nutcracker to life, and will include the company’s primary dancers, apprentices, and children from the Ballet Austin Academy. The cast also will include a very special community member who will fill the role of the large and boisterous Mother Ginger. The nominees for Mother Ginger are comprised of community leaders, trail blazers, and philanthropists, and can be voted on once per day through November 30th at Ballet Austin.

Ballet Austin’s performance of The Nutcracker is the longest running performance in Texas. The ballet will run from December 3rd through December 23rd, with evening shows and matinee performances.

Austin is a city filled with art and culture, from vibrant museums to cottage sewing classes, there is something to keep everyone’s imagination active and creativity at its peak. If you’re considering calling Austin home, contact an Austin realtor to jumpstart a new Austin home search.

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