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Austin’s Oransi Offers Indoor Allergy Solutions

published on October 10, 2011

Indoor Allergens? Austin’s Oransi Offers Innovative & Resourceful Solutions.

Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies? A new local start-up offers smart, clean, socially-conscious solutions: everything from ionic air purifiers to green laundry products, such as France‘s popular eco-friendly Robby Wash. Oransi, located in North Austin (not far from Great Hills and Milwood), takes its name from the Scandinavian word meaning orange.

Oransi boasts an impressive line of light-weight, state-of-the-art v-HEPA air purifiers and filters, designed to perform with a maximum level of efficiency while using minimal amounts of material. This makes their filters low-cost, easy-to-use, and quieter than leading brands.

CEO Peter Mann was senior manager at Dell as well as the founder and CEO of the air quality company Alen Corporation before launching Oransi. "Oransi’s high-quality green cleaning products are designed for the consumer who demands value,” explains Mann, “and our visionary company philosophies are made possible by a team of seasoned executives and engineers with decades of experience."

Oransi products are extremely green. Each meets strict Energy Star Guidelines and is certified to meet California‘s ozone emission standards. The company also voluntarily adheres to Europe’s RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) standards. With company employees encouraged to work from home and final products that ship 52% lighter and 41% smaller than their competitor’s, even Oransi’s carbon footprint is minimal.

Yet the social consciousness of Oransi is what sets it furthest apart. The company, which believes students are the future of green innovation, donates 5% of its income to support student interest in science, math and engineering. I am motivated to provide consumers with the best clean air and green home cleaning products by my own son, who I watched suffer from severe asthma attacks as an infant," says Mann.

By having a leadership team that is passionate about helping our customers breathe easier and feel better, we have the outlook to make a real difference in our customers’ lives.”

Visit to learn more about this young company, its vision, and its green product-line.

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