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Austin’s New Downtown Hotspot – Rainey Street

published on December 8, 2011

Austin’s Rainey Street is all the fun of “going downtown,” without having to walk, step over drunk people on the sidewalk, or feel like you need a pair of Buddy Holly glasses and a bicycle to fit in. Rainey Street, an area of homes-turned-bars, is south of downtown off of Cesar Chavez and has become known for a more laid-back ambience with upscale drinking and dining. Classic 6th Street or “Dirty 6th” and East 6th are still hot spots in Austin for drinking, dining, and dancing, but Rainey Street offers a more intimate atmosphere, tucked away south of Downtown Austin, away from the hordes of people.

Rainey Street is catering to Austinites looking for a more relaxed social environment, with inviting tables and large patios. Rainey Street offers a high volume of bars and restaurants in a small area, which means less walking for patrons. The area also offers a quieter setting for Austinites, as it is located in a residential area and sound ordinances prevent the venues from hosting large bands. There is still local music to be heard, only at smaller decibels, making the Rainey Street experience more intimate.

In addition to a quiet atmosphere with a close-knit dining experience, it’s also home to many small-bar quirks, such as projecting movies on a large wall across the alley. Rainey Street is quaint, and with high-rise apartments right down the street, it has become a lifestyle neighborhood.

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