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Austin Texas Real Estate Report April 2008

published on May 1, 2008

Real Estate Austin Texas: Real Estate in austin texas has been softer than 2007 but there are still a lot of homes selling. Austin texas luxury real estate has also slowed down a bit compared to last year.  Commercial real estate austin texas has also slowed down in 2008 but not as much as residential.  Austin Texas commercial real estate remains strong for the most part.  Austin Texas area real estate is not fairing a badly as the rest of the country due to the credit crisis.  If you need an Austin real estate agent or an Austin Texas realtor, there are plenty of Austin area realtors and properties.  There is Austin area homes on acreage for sale, austin homes for sale, and other quality homes in Austin Texas for sale.  Austin Texas commercial real estate brokers are abundant and many show impressive qualities, so if you looking for commercial real estate purchase austin texas then come on!


On March 24, 2008 there were 1,774 homes pending sale in Austin Texas, which provided a glimmer of hope that April 2008 would be as strong as 2007.  It didn’t happen. 

The Austin Texas real estate market has remained consistently soft in 2008 compared to 2007, although it doesn’t seem to be getting much worse (or better) at this time. 

888 homes sold in Austin Texas in April 2008 compared with 1,246 homes that sold in April 2007, a 29% decline from 2007 to 2008.  376 homes were withdrawn from the market in April 2008 compared to 190 in April 2007, a 49% increase in withdrawals.  These results are just slightly worse than the average results from the first quarter 2008 compared to 2007.

Home prices for Austin homes for sale continued to rise, albeit slightly, by half of one percent from $126.64 in April 2007 to $127.34 in April 2008.  The average days on the market for a home for sale in Austin Texas rose from 45 days in 2007 to 55 days in 2008. 

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Source: Austin Board of Realtors

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