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Austin recognized as top U.S. metro area for recession recovery

published on December 3, 2010

Austin was ranked #26 in the world and #1 in the U.S. for its positive economic recovery coming out of the recession.  The Brooking Institution released the report on Tuesday (11/30/10) comparing statistics from 150 major metropolitan areas around the world including the 50 biggest metro areas in the United States, the capital cities of 25 European Union countries, and 75 other major metro areas around the world.  The report measured job growth and gross value added – a per-capita measure of income.  Austin’s 2.4% gain in annual job growth leads other major U.S. cities, which has had a critical impact on Austin’s recession recovery.  Austin’s educated workforce and reasonable cost of living has resulted in healthy companies around the country looking to move or shift employees from high-cost areas to Austin.  According to the Austin Chamber of Commerce website, Austin’s MSA population is projected to grow 33.8% from around 1.71M in 2010 to 2.29M in 2020. 

The Brookings Institution Article

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