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Austin Music Lessons

published on May 22, 2013

Austin school of rockMusicians don’t just perform, they also teach the next generation of aspiring artists. In Austin, aspiring musicians of any age can choose from private or group lessons, with instrument options that range from classic stand-bys to lesser-selected melodic choices like bagpipes. Students even can join classes that are taught over shared bottles of wine and snacks to create a relaxed, enjoyable learning environment. Some studios offer band coaching and performance lessons, meaning it might not be long before a leap can be made from practice space to stage, placing the student front and center in the thriving Austin live music scene, whether that’s on stage at a downtown venue or the music salon of an Austin luxury home.

Austin School of Music

The Austin School of Music, a close drive from the West Lake Hills neighborhood, has been teaching the Austin community to find its voice, rhythm, and melody for over 17 years. The school has 45 teachers that specialize in instrumental skills, landing gigs, marketing, band promoting, recording, and band relations. Staff infuse both traditional and innovative methods of teaching, adjusting their style to each student’s needs. Private lessons range from guitar and other string instruments to piano, percussion, orchestral instruments, hand drums, marimbas, and voice lessons. Styles also have a broad range and include rock, blues, classical, folk, reggae, Celtic, Cuban, and many more. If a student is advancing past the beginner stages, the school also offers lessons tailored for lead or rhythm guitar, music theory, composition, and a variety of techniques to bring talent up to the next level in precision.

Red Leaf School of Music

The philosophy behind the Red Leaf School of Music is “just like every leaf on a tree falls differently, each student learns differently.” The school seeks to make lessons fun in addition to challenging, helping students grow their passion for their instruments. The school offers lessons in acoustic and electric guitar, bass, voice, piano, drums/percussion, saxophone, and harmonica for both children and adults. The school also offers group classes at all levels. Styles taught include rock, pop, blues, folk, funk, country, jazz, and more. Students also can select intensity levels for lessons, with options like “campfire,” that teaches basic tunes to strum on a porch or under the stars, up to “professional” for accomplished musicians looking to hone their skills. Red Leaf also offers band coaching and group practice, as well as a summer music camp for kids.

School of Rock Austin

The School of Rock, located close to homes in the Allandale neighborhood, is a national music school with locations across the country. Classes in the school take students from the lesson room to the stage, developing their confidence and musicianship with programs designed for all skill levels. Options include guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, and drums, and combine private lessons with group band rehearsals to prepare students to perform in an authentic concert setting. Beginning students will start in Rock 101 to master the basics while playing actual rock music. In this class, students learn the basics of technique and music theory and develop understanding of the dynamics of playing in a group. The school also offers a program called Lessons+, which is ideal for students seeking a lessons-only program and other membership benefits without inclusion in band practice. For advanced students, the school offers The Performance Program, designed for kids who know the basics of their instrument and are ready to learn harmonies, musicianship, and how to perform on stage. Programs also include adult instruction and band coaching.

Lone Star School of Music

The Lone Star School of Music was founded by a local musician who envisioned a music teaching center that would ignite both creativity and community in Austin. The school offers private music lessons on a variety of instruments, as well as group classes for adults, teens, children, beginners and professionals. The Lone Star School of Music conducts lessons in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to the learning and sharing of music. They strive to be an incubator of ideas and talent and to foster a sense of community with all the musicians of Austin, both amateur and professional.

Girl Guitar Austin

Girl Guitar Austin caters to the ladies of Austin, creating a space where women can learn, share, and collaborate in music over a glass of wine. The school features acoustic guitar, bass, vocal, songwriting, and band classes for students, focusing on a full music experience. The teachers encourage women to take their love of music and elevate it through playing, writing, performing, collaborating, booking, and performing. Student concerts are held throughout the city, including Antone’s in downtown Austin. 

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