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Austin ISD Receives Top Rankings on National Report Card

published on December 31, 2013

Travis Country Homes The Austin Independent School District serves a majority of Austin’s neighborhoods, from the homes of Travis Country to downtown Austin. A diverse, urban district, AISD is the fifth largest school district in Texas and serves approximately 86,000 students at 129 schools.

Since 2005, Austin ISD has participated in the National Assessment of Educational Progress Trial Urban District Assessment, otherwise known as the Nation’s Report Card. According to the NAEP released mid-December, the students of AISD continue to rank among the top in math and reading and outperform their peers in large urban school districts.

The assessment benchmarks its progress over time and compares performance with students in other participating urban districts, large U.S. cities, and the nation. Fourth and eighth grade students from a total of 21 U.S. school districts participated in the 2013 NAEP assessment in both reading and mathematics.

“Austin students have made significant gains over time in reading and mathematics and continue to outperform their peers in most urban districts, large cities, and the nation,” praised AISD Superintendent Meria Carstarphen.

Austin ISD academic rankingsResults in mathematics were especially strong, reflecting AISD’s strong emphasis on numeracy, challenging curriculum, and investment in student support. The students ranked third in 4th and 8th grade reading, third in 8th grade math, and second in 4th grade math.

AISD’s economically disadvantaged students also outperformed their peers in both the nation and large cities. English-language learners outscored peers in both the nation and large cities for the first time.

“These new results show that Austin maintained its superior academic position compared with other big city school districts across the country,” commented Carstarphen. “I am proud of our students and teachers for their accomplishments, and I am pleased that our district’s hard work continues to pay off.”

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