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Austin Community Farms: Rain Lily Farm Offers Farmhouse Deliver and Eco-Friendly Landscaping

published on June 28, 2012

Rain Lily Farms is a combined urban farm and design firm, featuring some of the most talented designers and craftspeople from the Austin community. The expert team of plant specialists, masons, concrete artisans, welders, carpenters and landscapers ensure that the possibilities for both urban crop production and landscape design are endless. Located on Shady Lane in East Austin, only five minutes from Downtown Austin, Rain Lily Farms, in addition to talented humans, features a foray of organic veggies, fresh-egg-laying chickens and dairy-making goats.


The farm teams up with Farmhouse Delivery to send bushels of fresh vegetables, dairy, freshly baked breads, seasonal local fruits, artisanal foods, and poultry products to homes throughout every neighborhood in the city, including Eanes ISD and Pflugerville’s Falcon Pointe. Farmhouse Delivery hand selects items for the bushels based on harvest reports that tell the team what’s in season and of the highest quality. Because bushels will change from week to week, gustatory malaise is not an option.

Farmhouse Delivery operates year-round. Members may sign up for winter, spring, summer and fall delivery and enjoy fresh, locally raised and produced food every day. Membership in the delivery costs $37 for a box every week.

Rain Lily Farm’s veggies and fruits benefit from rich alluvial soil deposited by centuries of flooding on the Colorado River. Walking through the farmhouse to the back of the property reveals rows of lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, and herbs stretching back into a triangle shape. Founded nine years ago by Stephanie Scherzer, the neglected property needed a team of dairy goats to clear the overgrowth and help graze the way for edible plants. Much of the landscape waste also contributed to the farms 400 yard compost pile.


Scherzer’s original plan for the land was to plant blackberries, but when that didn’t work out, she turned to vegetables. Her hobby resulted in a business that now helps supply produce to 300 households a week, in addition to professional landscape design for Austin homes. If you have a home you’d like stocked with fresh groceries or beautifully landscaped, then Rain Lily Farm can be of service. If you’d like to start a new Austin home search, preferably for a home that doesn’t require a goat brigade to clear, then an Austin Realtor can help.






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