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Austin Community Farms: Boggy Creek Farm is Historic East Austin Landmark

published on June 13, 2012

Boggy Creek Farm is a five-acre urban vegetable farm two miles from downtown Austin.Their organic produce is sold every Wednesday and Saturday at the farm’s on-site market, and attracts aficionados of fresh produce, flowers, and eggs from across the city, including far north Avery Ranch and far south Circle C. The farm was founded in 1992, on one of the oldest plots of land in Austin, and adjacent to arguably the oldest historic home in Austin. The nearby Boggy Creek lent the farm its new name.  

When purchased in 1992, the land was surrounded by housing subdivisions, schools, and commercial enterprises, which had been built on land that was once part of the farm. The farm had originally been comprised of 50 acres and was settled in 1838 by the Smith family. New owners Carol Ann Sayle and Larry Butler had never farmed commercially, but were familiar with farming after working land in Milam County for ten years, growing food for themselves and their children on the weekends. After conducting an Austin home search, the couple saw the farm come up for sale, and were excited about the prospect of being able to concentrate their farming efforts within the city. 

Their first farm stand was set up in front of Wiggy’s liquor store, and they made around $100 every Saturday, just enough to keep them going. Sales to Whole Foods were their first foray beyond the card table. Six months later, the farm became profitable, and twenty years later, the farm has flourished into an East Austin icon and a beautiful destination for both special events and produce shopping. To find your own peace of urban Heaven within the city, contact an Austin realtor today. 

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