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Austin Coffee Shops

published on June 5, 2012

Seattle may be the originator of the coffee house craze, but its legacy spread to Austin with results that make every joe drinker smile. Austin boasts a coffee house on seemingly every corner, and residents from every corner of the city, dorm rooms to Austin luxury homes, enjoy the convenience of a hot cup never being too far away.  Below are a few local favorites that can help a new Austinite feel right at home.


Epoch coffee is a 24/7 coffee shop located just north of the University of Texas Intramural fields in Hyde Park. The eclectic venue is characterized by a motley mix of mismatched furniture, funky ’60s lamps, and rotating artwork. A covered patio provides space for enjoying a cappuccino al fresco. The shop also offers food items from local vendors, including sandwiches, soups and pizza from East Side Pies. 

Genuine Joe’s 

Genuine Joe’s welcomes all walks of Austin life, with the catch phrase, “Whether you’re a boot, suit, hippie, or techie, or you defy all labels, there’s a place for you here.” This can be taken figuratively or literally, as the renovated stone cottage that houses Genuine Joe’s, located close to Milwood, offers ample room for plenty of patrons. Coffee lovers can also enjoy pastries like muffins and gluten free cookies while drinking a chai in an overstuffed arm chair.  

Progress Coffee 

Progress Coffee owners Joshua & Sarah Bingaman say, “Austin possesses many subtle charms that reveal themselves over time. Creative pursuits are encouraged, local arts are supported, good food and drink are celebrated, and nature is enjoyed.” Neighborhoods like Seven Oaks identify with the city’s love of nature, and the Bingaman’s shop is testament to Austinites’ love of good food and drink, including coffee. The store touts itself as a place for food, beverage, art, music and magazines where you can eat, drink, look, listen, read, and hang out for as long as you want. The coffee is fair trade, organic, shade-grown and custom roasted by hand in small batches. Their food is local and organic, prepared fresh daily, and the store is conveniently located in Downtown Austin, where it’s easy to pop over for a mid-day pickup or late night wind down. 

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