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Austin Business “Pink Kisses” Helps Women Recover from Breakups

published on February 10, 2012

No one denies a breakup is difficult, but dwelling on what could have been or what was, staring at an ex’s number in your phone, or wishing ill on his new significant other does not help a woman move forward in the grieving process. Moving forward is the hardest part, though, so what’s to be done? Austinite Ellie Scarborough is helping women across the city, from Falcon Pointe to Lost Creek, mend broken hearts and find the power to make themselves joyful and happy through her female empowerment service, Pink Kisses.

“We’re like a mechanic for a broken heart. We’re a smart and thoughtful community built to let you know you’re not alone,” Scarborough says. “We’ve got experts on hand to help you start moving in a bold new direction. We’ve even created unique tools and tips to help you get real, get over it, and reinvent yourself. Our goal? To help you get over any guy, faster and stronger than ever before.”

Scarborough moved to Austin to pursue the dream of inspiring women everywhere to come out of tough breakups. Her own heart had been broken over the phone in 2009, and it took an act of self-affirmation through flowers to realize he wasn’t worth the pain. Her business, Pink Kisses, founded in 2010, has since helped thousands of women, with its supportive community and enlightening services, to get over an ex.

Ladies looking to treat themselves, to pick themselves up, or to inspire themselves, whether after a break up, a divorce, when single on Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year, can choose from several services to brighten their day. The Betty Plan includes an inspiring, daily emailed action plan to help get stagnant hearts moving. The Bombshell Project offers one-on-one life coaching sessions with Ellie to help get a girl back on the right track. Pink Kisses can also send flowers, chocolates, and other surprises to a girl’s home or office as an important reminder of one’s self-worth.

“Today was one of those days where I just couldn’t shake the feeling of heartbreak out of my system. I came home from work with that sinking feeling in my chest,” wrote a client, Aurore. “On my doorstep there was a box; funny, I wasn’t expecting anything. I opened the box and inside was a beautiful box of exquisite chocolates and a note. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror after opening the box, I was grinning ear to ear, and I’m still smiling.”

Pink Kisses offers affordable breakup recovery plans for every budget, whether that budget fits an Austin luxury home or a Lake Travis apartment, and the encouraging blog posts and community message boards are free to all.

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