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Austin a Top U.S. City for Tech-Savvy Millennials

published on December 29, 2017

Austin, Texas is a top United States city for tech-savvy millennials, according to Forbes. Austin, along with Denver, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Durham, and Minneapolis were recently featured cities that provide millennials “the social, cultural and intellectual stimulation that they seek,” as well as an affordable cost of living. Forbes said the key to success for millennials, those born between 1981 and 1987, is moving to a city with “burgeoning tech companies that create good career opportunities.”

Citing Austin’s reasons for placement on the list, Austin was noted as having approximately 21.4 percent of residents between ages 25 and 34. Interestingly, it also has been ranked top in the world for internet speed. Austin did get dinged for temporarily not having Uber and Lyft. And, perhaps a new term for many, “fashion tech” was cited as part of Austin’s entrepreneurial vibe, with examples including online clothes services, as was the general tech startup environment, with strong currents among startups aimed at millennials.

The Forbes article stated millennials are “sensitive to basic human needs and are fueled to fulfill these needs through technology.” With over 75 million millennials in the U.S., they comprise the largest age group in the country, and according to the article, are “fundamentally changing how the world works … Millennials are shifting the focus to what they value — namely, social responsibility, intellectual stimulation, a desire to see the world and connect with like-minded individuals and control of their work-life balance.”

Denver was noted for its tech entrepreneurship, Seattle for its big-name companies and entrepreneurship, Pittsburgh for its “burgeoning tech, incubator and venture capital scene” and artificial intelligence leadership, Durham for its culture, and Minneapolis for its tech startups housed in “old warehouses and historic buildings” and its emphasis on health and wellness.

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