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A Look at an ARTSYer Austin

published on September 4, 2011

Are you looking for a perfect gift or luxury home décor that supports “Keep Austin Weird” – and is environmentally friendly? Look no further than ARTSYer! Founded in West Austin, ARTSYer takes discarded sheet glass and creates unique art such as bowls, tea light holders, and scoops.

“Taking reclaimed glass from shattered car windows and making beautiful art pieces is definitely ‘Keeping Austin Weird!’” said Adeline Rem, CEO of ARTSYer. “My art is modern, beautiful, and environmentally responsible.”

ARTSYer, standing for Artsy, Environmentally, Responsible, takes advantage of Austin’s openness to eco-friendly business to create beautiful works of art. Rem started ARTSYer in 2008 when she realized Austin residents were trying to be more environmentally conscious. “I have saved nine tons of non-recyclable glass from cars and houses so far from being buried in our Austin landfills,” Rem said.

The aesthetic of the glass art is unique to ARTSYer and to Austin. Rem breaks up large pieces of tempered glass and painstakingly reconfigures them inside a mold to create the shape she desires. To achieve the sleek look of ARTSYer, Rem employs a secret kiln firing method to create the shattered yet smooth texture of the pieces.

ARTSYer’s eco-friendly spirit and creative flair are a great tribute to Austin’s style. “They are heavy and soft,” Rem said. “They make the most memorable corporate gifts for the holidays or for special clients!” 

Austin luxury home Realtor Brian Talley is always excited to see local businesses make Austin a “weirder” place to live. If you are interested in living in our creative city, perform an Austin Home Search on his Regent Property Group website.

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