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Whole Foods Market Launches Whole Kids Foundation

published on September 4, 2011

It may be the leading natural and organic food retailer in three countries (the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.), but Whole Foods Market, as big as it has become, started out in 1980 right here in downtown Austin, TX. With the motto “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet,” they’ve definitely done Austin proud as a socially conscious company that supports both its home base and all of the communities where it operates. Recently, Whole Foods made their good deeds official by launching The Whole Kids Foundation, a charity dedicated to improving the wellness and fitness of children.

The Whole Kids Foundation will operate as an independent, nonprofit organization, with a 501(c)3 charity status and its own board of directors. With the mission of “supporting schools and inspiring families to improve children’s nutrition and wellness,” the origins of the foundation can be found in their long-held concern regarding “the growing rate of obesity in America, and about children’s obesity in particular.”

Whole Kids Foundation’s goals:

     Increase the availability and consumption of nutritious, whole food in schools.

     Create and support tools that enable schools and parents to establish healthy eating environments and engage children in making good food choices.

     Encourage people to take action in supporting healthier kids.

     Share success stories and best practices to inspire others.

In the past, Whole Foods has launched and supported numerous programs, including a website that provides resources to help school lunchrooms become more nutritious, projects to help get salad bars featuring fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into schools, and many school and store partnerships that have supported the health and education goals of communities. The Foundation will focus their work in the three countries where Whole Foods already has stores but will not just focus their efforts on communities where the stores are located, thus spreading their impact to areas that are often underserved.

All of the operating costs for the Foundation are funded by Whole Foods Market and eventually will also come from a variety of sources in Whole Foods’ world, including their team members, shoppers, vendors, and other corporate partners. Their community giving programs that contribute funds to local programs chosen by each individual store already exceed 5% of their total net profits each year.

With Whole Foods Markets in both North Austin (at Gateway) and central Austin (at Lamar) – and soon to be in Southwest Austin at the Shops at Arbor Trails shopping center – the store isn’t just giving Austin a good name, it’s making significant contributions to the important community programs that help make Austin the caring and wonderful place it is to live.

As a local business owner, Brian Talley knows it’s important to support community programs and does what he can to help his Southwest Austin community. If you want to find a community where you not only feel welcome, but can also make an impact, start your search for Austin homes for sale right here.

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