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What Do Current Market Statistics Mean for Austin Home Buyers?

published on June 19, 2008

Comparing June 1-18 of 2007 versus 2008, Austin home prices are down 1.5%, there is a 41% decline in the number of homes sold, and a 34% increase in the number of homes withdrawn from the market.  There are a lot of home owners in Austin that would like to sell, but in general only those that are serious about selling at fair market prices are succeeding.  Most other buyers that are priced too high are removing their home from the market rather than letting them sit.  This means that you as a Buyer don’t have to waste as much time weeding through an inventory of over priced homes.  You might even find bargains around town if you are diligent and if you know of a bargain when you see it.    So if your looking to buy, get at it!

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