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University of Texas is Ranked One of the World’s Best

published on July 18, 2012

The University of Texas at Austin has been ranked No. 30 among the top universities in the world. The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR), a center based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ranked UT in its inaugural list of the world’s top 100 universities. The ranking considered and combined seven factors: educational quality, faculty quality, alumni employment, patents, publishing, faculty research citations, and influence to determine its placement of universities from around the world. The CWUR also ranked UT the 22nd best university in the United States, and the No. 8 best public university. 

UT was pushed into the upper echelon of rankings with a strong shove from the criteria ranking faculty quality. This index denotes the weighted number of faculty members of an institution who have won prestigious honors such as the Nobel Prize, the Wolf Prize, the Turing Award, and the Schock Prize, all of which have been won by current UT faculty members. A sampling of decorated UT faculty members include physicist Steven Weinberg, who won a Nobel Prize in Physics; chemist Allen Bard, a recipient of the Wolf Prize; computer scientist E. Allen Emerson, who has won a Turing Award; mathematician John Tate, who has received a Wolf Prize; and another mathematician, Luis Caffarelli, who has won both a Wolf Prize and Schock Prize. 

“Just like a UT degree increases in value as the university’s reputation builds, Austin’s desirability also increases as the city and its institutions win accolades,” said Austin Realtor Brian Talley. “Of course,” he added, “Longhorn fans already know UT is one of the best.” UT alumnus have degrees that can take them across the globe, but many choose to settle in Austin because of its job prospects, business climate, and high quality of life. Students fall in love with swimming in Lake Travis, kayaking Lake Austin, and hiking the trails of the Barton Creek greenbelt, among other Austin draws and traditions. 

Other Texas universities that made the grade were UT Southwestern Medical Center, which ranked No. 29, Rice University, which ranked No. 57, and Texas A&M University, which took the No. 73 spot. If you’re thinking of moving to Austin or sending a student here in the near future, an Austin home search can find the perfect spot to hit the books, or cheer on those who are.

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