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Top 5 ways taking initiative will take your real estate business to the top

published on June 12, 2014

Realtor taking initiativeWhile most of us REALTORS(R) would like to have real estate business fall in our lap, there are few real estate agents that have that luxury without significant tenure in the business, an exceptional reputation, and years of hard work. Top realtors “create” opportunity leading to success. It’s called initiative. They don’t wait for others to motivate them to take action – they take action on their own knowing they will not reach their full potential otherwise. They know that those willing to take on challenging tasks and take the extra effort to get ahead will succeed.

Taking initiative takes many forms such as taking educational courses, volunteering, holding open houses, passing out flyers to your neighborhood, sending a monthly email to your database, or finding private listings for your buyers. Taking initiative takes effort and even demands a level of courage in the face of rejection.  REALTORS(R) must take action to provide themselves the opportunity to make good things happen. Network, network, network. Farm, farm, farm. Provide superior customer service. Follow-up with past customers and friends. Find deals for buyers and find buyers for sellers. Top producers make it happen – “it” being whatever creates opportunity for real estate sales.

Here are 5 top ways taking initiative will take your real estate business to the top:

  1. Don’t think about it, just do it. Don’t let yourself get in the way of taking initiative. Taking action sometimes means taking risks such as being rejected or not making a sale. But if you don’t take action and you don’t take risk then you don’t even have the opportunity to make a sale.
  2. Don’t be satisfied with mediocrity. I’m always surprised at how many real estate agents tell me that they are satisfied with the volume of their referral business. They don’t have a desire to hold open houses or follow-up with other broker leads as an example. Yet with a little initiative and extra effort they could increase their production, their network, and their income significantly.
  3. If you think it could help you get business it probably will. Once that thought crosses your mind that you should probably “do XYZ to get business” such as hold an open house or pass out flyers door-to-door, then you should not think a moment more about whether to do it and simply start printing and passing out flyers.
  4. Don’t let ego get in the way of purpose. It is easy to feel “above” the need to “sell” by passing out flyers and holding open houses. But this is a false sense of self. Believe it or not, most people respect someone that works diligently and boldly to make a living. For the 1% that complains or puts you down, they don’t care about you so why care about their opinion.
  5. Be consistent and don’t give up. Anyone can pass out flyers to a neighborhood once or twice or hold a few open houses. But the realtor that does it week in and week out will develop brand awareness and a reputation of success. I call it the bread and butter approach. Work the fundamentals of the business every day and good things will happen eventually. Statistically those that are in the business the longest have the most financial success.

By Brian Talley of Regent Property Group

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