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Top 30 REALTORS® in Austin Texas by Number of Homes Sold in 2008

published on September 19, 2008

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Top Austin REALTORS®: If you have been wondering who has been selling the most single-family homes in Austin Texas in 2008, you have come to the right place.  So far there have been 6,521 homes sold in Austin this year between January 1 and September 18, 2008 – these are homes sold within the city limits.  While the below 30 REALTORS® have sold an impressive 848 homes combined, this makes up only 7.7% of the homes sold in Austin so far this year.  Given this statistic, it is safe to say that no one REALTOR® has a lock on market share in Austin Texas for selling single-family homes.

It is important to note that the below REALTORS® do not all work alone or get their business in the traditional manner.  While some of these REALTORS® do in fact work alone, some REALTORS® such as our top producer Chad Goldwasser have a team of agents working for them helping drive the volume of home sales much higher than any one REALTOR® could do on their own.  Some of the other below REALTORS® such as our #2 top producer Dave Clinton works directly for a home builder providing a steady stream of product to work with to get sold.  Either way, these individuals get the credit for selling a large volume of single-family homes in Austin, which is an impressive feat however you accomplish it. 

There are many good REALTORS® selling homes in Austin Texas, which is why it is especially important to be well represented on your purchase.  Contact Brian Talley of Regent Property Group to get started today.

Congratulations to our 2008 Top Producers for the most number of homes sold in 2008!

1. Chad Goldwasser of Keller Williams Realty: 102
2. Dave Clinton of D.R. Horton, America’s Builder: 73
3. Royce Rippy of Centex Homes/Royce Rippy: 37
4. Fred Helmerichs of Prudential Ultima Real Estate: 35
5. Steve Durso of Steve Durso Properties: 34
6. Nash Phillips of Wilshire Homes: 33
7. Kevin Elliott of Keller Williams Realty: 33
8. Ken Bartlett of Keller Williams Realty: 33
9. Doreen Dillard of Coldwell Banker United REALTOR: 30
10. Ryan France of StoneHaven Realty: 28
11. Jimmy Rado of David Weekly Homes: 28
12. John Mick of Century 21 Ripley Realty: 27
13. Knolly Williams of RE/MAX Austin Associates: 25
14. Cortney Turner of D.R. Horton, America’s Builder: 25
15. Steve Gardner of Keller Williams Realty: 23
16. Jaymes Willoughby of Keller Williams Realty: 23
17. Gary Gentry of Keller Williams Realty: 23
18. Eddie Sturgeon of Prudential Ultima Real Estate: 23
19. Linda Vargas of Prominent Realty, Inc.: 22
20. Gene Arant of Keller Williams – Lake Travis: 22
21. Mike Minns of Atlas Realty: 19
22. Brian Fahey of Coldwell Banker United REALTOR: 18
23. Tim Kress of RE/MAX Capital City: 17
24. James Morelli of RE/MAX Capital City: 17
25. Fred Meyers of Austin City Living: 17
26. David Raesz of Keller Williams Realty: 17
27. Wes Bishop of Henderson Realty: 16
28. Sonny Bara of Lennar Homes: 16
29. Lee Allbright of Coldwell Banker United REALTOR: 16
30. Jack Harbour of Drees Realty: 16

This report has been provided by Regent Property Group, a professional Austin real estate services firm helping those looking to buy or sell a home or lease office space in Austin Texas. 

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