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High-End Wallpaper Trends: Tiles, Paintable, and Magnetic

published on July 7, 2012

wallpaper tiles mioBefore the furniture moves in, the TV is mounted, and luxurious rugs are draped across the floors, one thing must be done to prepare a new home: make the walls fabulous. Anyone looking to decorate a new Austin home from Steiner Ranch to River Place can benefit from trying some of the new trends in wall design that are sticking around this year. Washi tape was last year’s big trend, and it’s still a fun way to create a highly unique and interesting space. For anyone wanting to jump on board with some of the newer trends for wall coverings, here are a few ideas.

MIO’s green design website takes the trend that has saturated cinema lately and converts it to the home design world, with 3D modular wallpaper tiles designed by Jaime Salm. These Paper Forms are both interesting, eye appealing, and environmentally friendly, as they are created from recycled paper. With designs like the Flow, the Ripple, and the Acoustic Weave, there are multiple ways a homeowner can create an interesting space, either permanently, with wallpaper glue, or temporarily, with double sided tape.

Paintable wallpaper adds great texture to a room and allows for the homeowner to combine perfectly mixed paint with an interesting pattern to make a beautiful room that expresses their personalities in a variety of ways. These papers are easily found alongside paints in stores like Target, Home Depot, and Lowe’s, all stores convenient to most homes in South Austin.

Designer Sian Zeng may have the most unique wallpaper of the bunch in her Magnetic Woodlands Wallpaper. These beautiful, whimsical designs that are inspired by fairy tales can easily stand on their own, but truly stand out as homeowners are able to add conversation bubbles, buildings, other animals, anything they want to create their own fairyland (some magnets come with the paper). She also is working on designing a series of magnetic boards for those who don’t want to commit to covering their entire walls. As these papers are on the higher end for wallpaper, they make great additions in a child’s room in any Austin luxury home.

Whether trying to cover an accent wall or an entire room, experimenting with new trends in wall design can make a home’s décor intriguing, exciting, and a great conversation piece. To find the right home to start those conversations, those involved in an Austin home search should contact the Austin Realtors at Regent Property Group.

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