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The Cupcake Bar Lets Austinites Tailor Their Own Treats

published on June 18, 2012

The Cupcake Bar is the most customizable cupcake bakery in town. Originally part of the Figs Catering dessert menu, after its studio party premiere, guests began booking the cupcake catering service for their own special occasions in neighborhoods throughout the city, from Lake Austin to Travis Country. This sugar sensation became its own entity and now offers customized desserts and entertainment in and around Austin. 

The way The Cupcake Bar works is similar to the family taco dinner or the popular create-your-own yogurt shops: 

Step 1: Book The Cupcake Bar for your event. 

  Select a cupcake menu for your event with the event planners 

–  Add beverages and ice cream to complete your party 

–  Personalize the bar with colors, toppings and cupcake flags to fit your theme 

Step 2: At your event: 

–  Guest selects a cupcake flavor 

–  Choose a filling 

–  Pick a favorite icing 

–  Pile on choice of toppings 

Step 3: Enjoy! 

–  Book your event and The Cupcake Bar can handle the details 

–  Events include the set-up and cleanup of the bar, and cupcake bartender service 

–  Relax and enjoy your stress free event 

The Cupcake Bar currently doesn’t have a storefront; however, all of the treats are baked in a commercial kitchen in Austin. To try the cupcakes, contact The Cupcake Bar and they can let you know about their next public event or set up a tasting.   

The Cupcake Bar serves at a variety of events: weddings, baby showers, concerts, happy hours, house warming events for Austin luxury homes, and events for charity. With 75 topping choices and 20 flavors of cupcakes, the combinations of cupcake flavors and toppings are endless, and the ability to choose all components of your cupcake creation can be a difficult but rewarding task party guests love.

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