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Sweetish Hill Hand-makes Every Sweet and Savory Confection

published on June 4, 2012

sweetish hill cakes austinSweetish Hill Bakery & Cafe has been an Austin institution for more than 30 years, drawing fans to its downtown location from neighborhoods in opposite corners of the city, like northern Avery Ranch and southern Rob Roy. The bakery is known for preparing bakery favorites in the classic French method with quality ingredients, time-tested recipes and the utmost care. Like a well-built Austin luxury home, Sweetish Hill’s treats are known for their quality, and their desserts can be found in stores across Austin, like Whole Foods, Wheatsville, and Royal Blue Grocery.  

sweetish hill cakes austinCupcakes, pastries, cookies, lunch fare, and more are made at the bakery with all natural ingredients, preservative-free breads, and no trans fats. Owner Jim Murphy says, “We have a saying here: Taste buds remember.” To make sure the memory is a good one, he uses fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, including East Poultry natural chicken, Anderson’s and Texas Coffee Traders coffee, Amador Farm’s lettuce, Hill Country peaches, and Texas farm fresh eggs. We believe ingredients that don’t travel great distances and aren’t preserved for long periods of time retain more of their flavor and nutrition,” he said. 

Sweetish Hill is a unique bakery, in that it can be visited for both a meal and a sweet snack. The bakers and cooks make everything from scratch, including the stock in their soups, the mayonnaise in salads, and the buttercream icing on cupcakes. Local favorite cupcake flavors include chocolate or yellow cake with chocolate or cream cheese icing, the carrot cake, and Italian sweet cream cake with cream cheese icing.  

sweetish hill bakery austinSweetish Hill can be visited at their Sixth Street location in Downtown Austin, or at the Cedar Park Farm to Market on Saturdays, close to the Falcon Pointe neighborhood.

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