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Strange Brew Coffee Shop – South Austin’s Home for Locals and Procrastinators

published on December 6, 2011

Strange Brew Coffee Shop is dedicated to providing anything its loyal customers might need – even more seating. A native to South Austin, Strange Brew is located on Manchaca, just north of Stassney. The Coffee Shop is dripping with local flavor, including Fair Trade espresso beans roasted on South Congress Avenue, locally-made pastries, Austin artists’ work on the walls, and even Strange Brew handmade lip balm. A few weeks ago, the small South Austin coffee shop expanded its floor plan, taking over a tattoo parlor next door, creating space for 30 more seats.

“The thing I love most about Strange Brew is that we cater to our customers’ needs,” said Dave Arcos, a long-time Strange Brew barista. “Most of our customers that come in are on a first name basis with us. The fact that we are a 24-hour shop catering to what people need – they come in and sit all night and because they are here a lot, we expand on our food and expand on our coffee for them. We basically serve them what they need, which makes us not just another coffee house in Austin.”

Because it’s open 24/7, Strange Brew hosts those who work better by the light of the moon, students cramming for finals, and that little procrastinator in all of us. Even after the expansion, Strange Brew is still a packed house.

“I think South Austin was needing us,” Arcos said. “I think our customers were looking for a shop that was a cool coffee shop, not like a Borders coffee shop. I think there was a pretty strong demand for it, so we jumped in. We expanded a lot faster than we thought we would. I definitely think we did a big service to South Austin and, in return, they have given it right back by remaining loyal to Strange Brew.”

Strange Brew, Austin Coffee hosts local musicians for small concerts and showcases local artists’ work along the walls, charging no commission from the artists. Strange Brew employs a green environment by utilizing 95% compostable and recyclable products.

“The best part about Strange Brew is all the outlets,” said Kaylee Nelson, a Strange Brew regular. “Oh, and the coffee. Its different roasts are all so delicious I don’t even need cream or sugar.”

Strange Brew also just obtained its beer and wine license and plans to serve brews and vinos from local artisans who call Austin home. Arcos said, “We are going to try to tap into the local breweries in town and try to keep the wine local as well.”

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