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Schlitterbahn: The Hottest Coolest Time in…Cedar Park?

published on May 11, 2012

Schlitterbahn Cedar ParkEvery kid growing up in Central Austin knew that summer meant a few things: languid afternoons, lots of cartoons, and – best of all—the annual trip to Schlitterbahn. The Bavarian-themed water park, bustling with families and twisting slides, was a surreal escape from the summer heat. Afternoons spent swimming through the ice-cold waters of the Comal River (followed by a juicy roasted turkey leg) were hard to top.  Once a 30-minute drive from Olympic Heights, Texas’ favorite summer destination is now on the fast track to opening its newest location near Avery Ranch, between Hwy 183 and 1-35. 

In addition to being a new summer escape, the soon-to-be Cedar Park Schlitterbahn will add a generous boost to the local economy, creating thousands of new jobs and increasing the value of local real estate.

"I’m excited about the new Schlitterbahn water park," said Joshua Geary, a resident and small business owner living the area. "Cedar Park is burgeoning and is a great place to live or work. As a businessman, I’m looking forward to how this will increase the tax base and bring more revenue into the local economy."

Tourism projects like the new Schlitterbahn have been under development in the Cedar Park area more and more as the area continues to attract new residents. Originally, Cedar Park’s economic developer Phil Brewer pushed to move Volente Beach on Lake Travis to the area, but the plan fell through. Seven years and many meetings later, Brian Redmond, who is leading the new Schlitterbahn deal, feels confident that he and his investors will reach an agreement with Schlitterbahn’s partners sometime in May. Afterwards, Redmond will develop and release a firmer timeline for the park’s construction goals and opening date.

Having a water park like Schlitterbahn will be well worth the relatively short wait. Now is the perfect time to start an Austin home search in the Avery Ranch or surrounding areas – before the fun begins!

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