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RunTex Aims to Keep Austin Moving and Fit

published on September 10, 2012

RunTex is an iconic running company in Austin, originally founded in 1988, with three locations in Austin close to Barton Creek, Lake Austin, and Allandale. In recent years, the shoe store has moved to the forefront of promoting healthy lifestyles and training both individual runners and teams. The store’s mission is to “engage you in being an endurance athlete as a way of life,” with the purpose of establishing a lifestyle that can lead to many years of enjoyment and health. The store aims to promote health, family, community and philanthropy through running events and training groups.

One of the most life altering programs offered by RunTex is ATX Training, a RunTex Foundation concept that creates and embraces a comfortable environment for different groups with different goals, all aiming to change their lives through weight loss and better fitness.  By integrating healthy living education into exercise and nutrition, ATX Training provides the necessary tools for anyone to reach or surpass their goals of health.  All of the ATX Training programs are designed for people at any fitness level, whether becoming active for the first time or strengthening an existing routine. The training begins with walking drills, interval walks and distance walks, and participants build up to jogging or running.

Each of the programs is specifically tailored for the participants in the group: the ATX100 is for people looking to lose 100 pounds, the ATX50 is for those looking to lose 50 pounds, and the ATX20 is for those looking to lose 20 pounds and improve their health.  RunTex also offers an ATXKids program for third to eighth graders. “Austin is an active city, with trails found throughout,” said Austin REALTOR Brian Talley. “Programs like RunTex’s are a prime example of how supportive Austinites are of anyone wishing to improve their health and meet their fitness goals.”

RunTex Running in AustinAll of the ATX Training groups meet three times each week: two weekdays and Saturdays.  The weekend workouts include guest speakers such as Registered Dietitians, Cardiologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Psychologists, chefs doing healthy cooking demonstrations, massage therapists, and more.  RunTex partners with My Fit Foods to provide the Saturday groups with lunch each week. The cost to join each group is $100 for a year of membership, which includes a pair of properly fitting shoes from RunTex, a group branded tech-t, three days per week of training, weekly lectures from health and nutrition professionals, 20% off of My Fit Foods for a year and 20% off at RunTex for a year.  RunTex says, “The true value of these programs is the support that each group provides and the camaraderie that is bred from within.”

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