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New Plans Unveiled for Parks Surrounding Hays County

published on May 3, 2012

Hays County ParksUndeveloped areas often become sprawling strip malls or uninspired business parks, but not in Hays County. The residents in nearby Circle C Ranch and Olympic Heights will be thrilled to hear that the County Commissioner’s Court has approved the Parks, Open Spaces, and Natural Areas master plan, which aims to restore or develop everything from water passages to recreation complexes. Over the next ten years, this area of southwest Austin will work to reflect the qualities of the Hill Country that initially attracted residents.

“Hays County is growing fast, and quality of life for the people who live here generally includes parks and recreation facilities,” said Jeff Hauff, Grants Administrator for the county. “Through the planning process, our residents were able to tell us what they consider to be priorities in the county.”

Hays County ParksThose living in and around Kyle and Buda can expect to have access to a bevy of outdoor activities when the plan receives funding. Residents of Buda expressed interest in improving river and creek access, installing more multi-use trails, access to community gardens, building a recreation center and sports complex, and even a shooting sports range. Residents near Kyle called for more generalized outdoor activity areas, such as camping areas, festival grounds, and special event spaces. All of these ideas were included in the plans, which are hoping to capture funding from Texas Parks and Wildlife.

“As funds become available, the county can move forward with creating or adapting spaces that provide for both active and passive recreational activities,” Hauff said. “Not only will we have a map to follow in providing these areas, we have a plan that we can provide for potential funders.”

Preserving and enriching the outdoors always has been a focus of Austin and its surrounding counties. Austin realtors understand that the quality of natural surroundings affects how residents feel in their homes – and Hays County may continue to be an ideal area for those who value the great outdoors.

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