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Must be Homegrown Makes Austin Backyard Gardening Easy

published on June 11, 2012

After officially launching a business out of their South Austin home in April, Glen and Tahj Mayes of Must be Homegrown gardening are building up a loyal clientele, as well as taking on new clients who are interested in growing their own food in sustainable, convenient ways in their backyards. With the motto of “No hassle sustainable gardening in your yard, MBHG creates custom raised beds (typically with up-cycled materials), installs and maintains gardens, and helps with organic pest control in the garden. 

According to owner Glen Mayes, this business was a natural step in his and his wife’s lives (she handles the creative design/marketing/PR) because gardening has always been important to them, stretching back to their family homes in Abilene. The notion of starting an actual business came after our second year of backyard food production. After watching several food related documentaries and hearing case after case about the travesties of local farmers vs. corporate seed-patenting mega farms, we decided to take our food quality and health into our own hands. When the safest ingredient in a BLT is the bacon, something has got to change.” 

Must Be Homegrown, Austin home gardeningCurrently, most of their clients are in South and Southwest Austin, but they are gladly looking forward to expanding into other areas, like the homes in the Eanes ISD school district. Not only do they provide the physical services, but also educational services so that their clients can make more informed decisions about their food. They embrace some of the biggest, smartest trends in gardening and backyard landscaping for their clients, including building raised beds from pallets and eco-friendly techniques. Their raised bed gardens are by far the most popular installation; they can customize heights so that anyone can participate in gardening. Mayes happily uses a personal anecdote as evidence of the benefits of the raised beds: “My wife was gardening well into her 8th month of pregnancy due to the fact that she didn’t have to bend over.”  

From “juicers” who like to juice a wide variety of fruits and veggies to those concerned with the rising cost of food to those who just love the taste of homegrown and everyone in between, Must be Homegrown appeals to a wide variety of customers. For anyone looking to start their own food production for fun, flavor, and future independence, MBHG is the way to go. And, for anyone looking for a new home to start that backyard garden in, the Austin Realtors at Regent Property Group can help find a house that is conveniently located, with a great backyard to fit those gardening needs. 

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