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Luxury Real Estate Statistics for Austin, Texas: August 2013 Report

published on August 29, 2013

central austin homesWhile Regent Property Group agents work with clients in all price ranges, in all areas of Austin, we are one of the few brokerages in town with practical experience and expertise in Austin luxury homes – properties listed for sale over $1 million. And, we enjoy putting together this monthly report for you citing the trends within our area!

Considering the below numbers and that all properties included meet at least the $1 million threshold, Austin’s luxury market is “relatively” affordable: average prices and median prices are still demonstrating consistent closings well under the $2 million mark. What does this mean? Austin is selling plenty of homes in the $1 million to a few million dollar range. Homes above this to the double digit millions are still notable and infrequent and, therefore, offer opportunities that elite buyers can view as the most distinguished homes in Austin.  

Austin Luxury Homes for Sale

As of August 26, 2013, there were 328 luxury homes listed for sale in the MLS.

  • High list price = $14.5 million (about $1,800 per square foot)
  • Average list price = about $2.38 million (about $408 per square foot)
  • Median list price = about $1.71 million (about $346 per square foot)

Sold Luxury Homes in Austin, Texas

Sold prices offer finite information to REALTORS® and their selling clients to help them determine the listing prices of properties. Sold prices also are the best source of information for buyers and their REALTORS® to ascertain offering prices during contract negotiations. Here are sold prices for July 2013, with year-to-date (January 1 to August 26) sold prices to enhance the overall picture of pricing for properties in the Austin luxury market.

Sold Homes July 2013

  • 39 homes sold
  • High sold price $4,250,000 (about $566.89 per square foot)
  • Average sold price $1,726,451 (about $343.04 per square foot)
  • Median sold price $1,450,000 (about $330.24 per square foot)

Sold Homes Year to Date (January 1 to August 26, 2013)

  • 302 homes sold
  • High sold price $5,860,000 (about $755.12 per square foot)
  • Average sold price $1,589,292 (about $319.08 per square foot)
  • Median sold price $1,349,500 (about $295.56 per square foot)

What do these numbers mean in terms of the value you receive in exchange for your investment? Translate the dollars into details: click here to view the actual listings in the Austin luxury home market as of today, with pictures, descriptions, and more.

Austin luxury property realtorsGetting serious about jumping into the luxury home market?

Visit the Austin Luxury Statistics page to compare luxury home statistics from previous months and to further educate yourself on Austin’s upscale property market. Then, test your luxury home know-how on Regent’s luxury home lingo page, and see if you can guess the difference between a mansion and a luxury home!

Are you ready for an Austin luxury lifestyle? Contact the REALTORS® at Regent Property Group for information on available properties or to ask questions about specific homes for sale. Call today at 512.554.9714!

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