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Lady Bird Lake Trails Receive Renovation Grant from TPWD

published on September 6, 2011

Austin’s favorite hike and bike trail at Lady Bird Lake in the heart of downtown is getting a major facelift, thanks to funds recently awarded by a Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission grant. Austin was one of only five recipients (Bexar County, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio also received funds), and the $1 million it was awarded will go toward renovating and further developing 10 acres of the trail near the Auditorium Shores area. This 10 mile hike and bike trail receives more than 1.5 million visits per year, making it popular amongst both locals and tourists.

The plans for the funds represent a need to keep up with the demands of the trail’s users, with plans to expand the limited parking lots and the public restrooms. Other enhancements for visitors include more drinking fountains, signage, trashcans, and the addition of exercise stations. Trail realignment and shoreline restoration will help keep it in natural working order and round out the focus of what’s to come, thanks to this grant.

Austin residents can be extra thankful for this funding, since the 82nd Texas Legislature has suspended these grants for the next two years because of budget issues. This loss of state funding makes local and federal dollars more important to city and county parks. Though the loss of future funding for parks is a challenge, it gives Austin’s citizens the opportunity to step up and play a bigger role in supporting such an important part of the city – its green space. Many opportunities exist to help keep the trails and parks in good working order, both by volunteering and donating. A great place to start is The Trail Foundation, whose goal is to protect and enhance the trail at Lady Bird Lake.

Austin’s long list of green space is just one of the many benefits that make Austin such a pleasant place to live, especially the trail at Lady Bird Lake. It’s a perfect place to meet up with friends, spend time with your dog, or even spot local celebrities like Texas Governor and Presidential hopeful Rick Perry.

Austin realtor Brian Talley enjoys an occasional run around Lady Bird Lake with his dog Bella and loves spending time enjoying all of the green space this city has to offer. If you’re looking for an Austin home for sale and want to find a perfect place that mixes urban life with the wonders of nature, check out Brian’s Austin Home Search and let him help you find that perfect balance.

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