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King Florist Fights Drought with Beauty and Creativity

published on October 3, 2011

It’s clear that a summer of very little rainfall has taken its toll on everything from our woodlands to our yards, creating a mark on the landscape that may take a while to recover. With Austin now in Stage 2 water restrictions (allowing only one day of yard watering with sprinklers per week), many people are making sacrifices, sometimes to the point where it’s affecting their businesses and not just their homes. One such business that could have been dramatically affected by the drought decided to get creative.

Instead of putting all their focus on traditional flowers, King Florist has created a line of succulents and other plants indigenous to the area that are beautiful – and heat and drought resistant. These plants include jade, aloe, and bromeliads. The original idea for the line came from the landscaping they included around their new location at 1806 W Koenig Lane, convenient to the Great Hills and Davenport Ranch subdivisions.

Because they are sturdier plants, they’re great as gifts for those with brown thumbs, as they can tolerate being neglected a bit more than traditional plants.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, unique, and chic way to let someone know you care, to congratulate a friend, or to welcome a couple into a new home, eco-friendly plants from the new line at King Florist make perfect gifts. One of their designers can create a custom garden in a pot of your choice with natural accents, like river rocks, moss, and bark. And if you’re the one hoping to be welcomed into a new home, let Realtor Brian Talley help you with your Austin home search.

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